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tvseries15July 20, 2019
CDC researcher Abby Arcane investigates what seems to be a deadly swamp-born virus in a small town in Louisiana but she soon discovers that the swamp holds mystical and terrifying secrets. When unexplainable and chilling horrors emerge from the murky marsh, no one is safe.
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DC Universe kicks off another collection to its universe with Swamp Thing. I gotta tell you, once I heard a TV show about teen titans was coming out I was already believing DC was dead before it, but then it came out. It proved that DC can prove us wrong. Titans was a unexpected surprise for not only DC fans but tv show viewers. Then the following with the superior Doom Patrol. Which is by far one of the best over the top different and unique distinct crafts of television I've ever seen. Then now, Swamp Thing. DC is changing the game, starting from shows of action and drama, to comedy and SyFi, and then here enters Swamp Thing, a horror and thriller. Don't only thank executive producer James Wan, But thank everyone the cast, the crew, makeup artists, editing, music, and the acting, everything on the first episode is amazing. Also, the first episode shapes to become the origin of the entire show. The script was great, very solid drama going on between characters in the small town in Louisiana. A lot goes on without dwelling too far away from what's important and to what we want to see. Thrills. And you get a lot of them. From people dying, to intriguing tense moments leading it's buildup to climatic horror, to autopsy's gone wrong, to exploring the depths of the swamp. If the show continues to deliver, which I believe it will, on the pace of the first episode, it will be amazing, and by the looks of it, it looks like Swamp Thing will deliver AND more. DC went all out for this show, and Swamp Thing deserves and earns the spotlight.

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  • Crystal Reed
  • Virginia Madsen
  • Andy Bean
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