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tvseriesTV-14July 18, 2019
A one-hour anthology series that distills classic hip-hop records and reimagines them as cinematic love letters.
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So, after watching the first episode, I won't watch anymore of this series for many reasons. First, this show is based on one trope and this one only : reverse stereotypes. So you get a city/place where white people are considered to be mostly thugs, low income people and where black people are richer, educated members of society. All the stereotypes you can think of but reversed. The thing is, it doesn't bring anything to the story but being a trope, it's not used in the storytelling to improve the characters of make them more relatable or more likable. The added "Romeo and Juliet" thrown into the mix doesn't help either as it feels forced and doesn't pay off really well in term of storytelling. It all has the feel of a bad ripoff of "Noughts & Crosses" which I can only advice you read because it's largely superior to this story. Also, the editing is pretty weird with rough transitions between scenes and aggressive cuts, there's some smoothing to make there. The music is OK if you like hip-hop but they didn't exploit an obvious trick which would've fit the story, like using Vanilla Ice or Eminem songs for black people scenes and Biggie and Tupac songs for white people scenes ; to name only the most popular rappers in that genre. Maybe they couldn't afford it but that would've been nice and slightly more subtle than the over the top black vs white the story is going with. Now, when you look at the acting, it's rather unequal, some performances are convincing, others are over the top so it's kind of difficult to actually get into the story. All in all, not a good TV-show, I won't be watching anymore of it.

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  • David Dunston
  • Alzie Williams
  • J. Alphonse Nicholson
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