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tvseriesTV-Y7July 26, 2023
Billionaire Bruce Wayne fights crime and evil as the mysterious Batman.
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It's been an interesting run for this series. In the 1st season, there were maybe 3 or 4 really good episodes, a few that were OK, and a few that were just terrible. The second season did a little better about not being bad. Then, in the 3rd season, they introduced Batgirl. Incidentally, the show started to get really bad. Save for the "Criminal Mastermind" episode, the season was filled with disappointment. Then, at the beginning of the 4th season, they introduced Robin. My initial reaction was "considering how bad the show got when they brought in Batgirl, the introduction of Robin couldn't be good. But it was. The show started to pick up, and has become much more promising and watchable. What I said about the show when it started, and I maintain I was right, was that the show needed a while to really settle into it's stride. If you watch the beginning episodes for "Batman: The Animated Series," Batman and Joker start out with a slightly more playful relationship, and Batman isn't nearly as dark. This show did take a while, but it seems to have gotten to a point where they can entertain people who are old enough to remember the first show. The show is really intentionally different from any other incarnations of the characters, as obviously evidenced by the Joker redesign. I thought that making the Joker the version they did was such a bold statement, and the character still works. The show is so different, that a lot of die-hard fans will be disappointed. But the show has gotten better, and is less of a guilty pleasure for me to watch now. 7 out of 10. Shaky start, but on more solid ground. P.S. For all my tolerance of the extreme character redesigns, I will never be okay with the Mr. Freeze they settled on. Clancy Brown can't save it, it's just a stupid, poorly-written character with a pretty lame design.

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  • Rino Romano
  • Alastair Duncan
  • Evan Sabara
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