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tvseriesMay 24, 2024
Black Panther Party co-founder Huey P. Newton enlists an unlikely ally-Hollywood producer Bert Schneider-to elude an FBI manhunt and escape to Cuba.
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I'm not a young man... I only have a vague recollection of actual events surrounding Newton and the Panthers at that time. I was roughly 5-6 years old during the time period of this series. This show was "created" by a white man younger than myself.. I think that's important to note. The series is approached as if it took place in 2014, not 1974 - as if Newton's story was a recent news topic, not history from 50 years ago. Do people younger than 20 have ANY real clue about Newton and the Panthers? People younger than 30? 40? And can a white man really do justice to a story about civil rights rebellion figures, even if it is well intentioned. It *seems* a bit exploitive to me. The "set up" is severely lacking here. There's no backstory, no explanation of the turbulent time period or all the social turmoil that took place in the 60s-70s. There's no telling of the "basis" as to why Newton was sought after and persecuted. No explanation of the 10 years following the JFK and MLK assassinations. You know, the important aspect of Newton's story in terms of motivation. This is a popcorn series, without any real substance, made for those that perhaps recall the late 1960s and early 1970s (septuagenarians) and don't need any explanation of American social issues at that time. It's not made for today's, much younger, audience. Newton's story, as told here, has zero impact when interspersed with the attempt at some sort of "buddy series". The series goes from heavy drama portrayed as docudrama, but lacking any real impactful actual facts.... and light "buddy film" aspects with the producer character. It's junk. I did not find it entertaining on its own, and it is definitely not a fitting way to tell the story of an important figure in US Civil Rights history.

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