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tvseriesTV-MAMay 15, 2024
A small town is forever changed when a mysterious machine appears, promising to reveal everyone's true potential. Soon residents start changing jobs, rethinking relationships, and questioning long-held beliefs-all in pursuit of a better future.
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As others have mentioned, if you're looking for an obvious "realist" explanation for anything here you'll probably not enjoy the ride. That's kinda the point. It's not totally surreal mind you, but there is a great deal of "suspension of disbelief", which will turn people off. For instance, It starts plot driven, but actually ends up being mostly character studies. And of course, not all characters are equally interesting... However, some of the card reveals are quite intriguing, and there are enough chuckles along the way to make this a fun watch. Some ideas are well executed and remind me of the Oracle talking with Neo from The Matrix. Other times, the motivations or ideas are just a mess. (You'll know which episode I mean.) I am usually let down by these multi-season puzzle shows, but knowing the pitfalls I still think it has potential.

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  • Chris O'Dowd
  • Gabrielle Dennis
  • Sammy Fourlas
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