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movieGMay 23, 2024
Follow the veterans and newest class of Navy and Marine Corps flight squadron as they go through intense training and into a season of heart-stopping aerial artistry.
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1h 34min
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I feel like Top Gun 2 is opening up a can of worms to produce movies about Ariplanes. It was a great IMAX experience but I have to say nothing overally spectcalar happen that i would recommend it over a reglar format. It was an intresting story and like a line of GI Joe action figures their was a Blue Angel for everyone. They could be more diverse but that's really not the point, the point it they did do their best to showcase everyone. This is why I say you can watch this on any format. For a film that was promoted as being for IMAX they could have done more airplane scenes or something. Not that what they did show does not blow me away, the documentary has a lot of talking overall. More suited for true lovers of Aviation.

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  • Brian Allendorfer
  • Bobby Speed Baldock
  • Bryon Beck
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