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tvseriesNovember 15, 2023
A group of fun-loving American girls burst onto the scene in tightly corseted 1870s London, kicking off an Anglo-American culture clash. Sent to secure husbands and status, the buccaneers' hearts are set on much more than that.
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The group of American girls is the worst part of this show, so it's a shame that they're the central characters. I'm sure the girls are trying to come across as wild and carefree, but instead they come across as vapid cheerleader-type airheads that make you cringe every time they're on screen. I haven't read the novel that this show is based on, but the tv show seems to be a poorly written adaptation with little substance and direction. I've only watched the first episode and was bored 10 mins into it. If the constant fake girly giggling doesn't drive you insane, the lack of any coherent storyline will.

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  • Kristine Froseth
  • Alisha Boe
  • Matthew Broome
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