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tvseriesTV-MASeptember 8, 2023
A relevant, timely and distinctive coming-of-age story following a half dozen interrelated characters in the South Side of Chicago. The story centers on Brandon, an ambitious and confident young man who dreams about opening a restaurant of his own someday, but is conflicted between the promise of a new life and his responsibility to his mother and teenage brother back in the South Side.
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The moment you start watching "the Wire" pops in ones head. Which is a huge praise. The raw, real feeling of the world, characters, complexity and interconnectedness. Great show, cool. However... With season 3 it begins to lose the spirit. But nothing like season 4. Abysmal. Crucial characters puf!...disappear, huge storylines fade off, melodrama turned up to 11 filling everything and we get these little pop farts of storylines instead of (a)strong ones. Season 4 might as well not have been filmed. It was a waste of time. Big idea, big story plot point, big issues. All just...left and unresolved, pushed aside to favour stupid ever revolving love drama that gets SO SO tiring and boring constantly repeating same old thing over and over again. Just stop... You have ruined it. If season 4 is the jump off for season 5 and the same talentless hack of showrunner remains, spare yourself the ridicule of filming more of this pathetic insultingly dull product you call a tv show.

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  • Jason Mitchell
  • Jacob Latimore
  • Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine
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