The Completely Made-Up Adventures of Dick Turpin S01E03 480p WEBRip x264

tvseriesMarch 8, 2024
Legendary highwayman Dick Turpin sets out on a series of wildly absurd escapades when he's made the reluctant leader of a band of outlaws-and tasked with outwitting utterly corrupt lawman Jonathan Wilde.
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Yes there was a series based on Dick Turpin 45 years ago, but other than the name of the main character there is no relationship. This is fun, goofball humor. Think Monty Python-esque. If youve seen Our Flag Means Death you have an idea of what you'll get here. If you are a Noel Fielding fan you'll have an better idea. If you are looking for historical fiction go elsewhere. This is hysterical fiction. No, not all the jokes hit but between the silly dialog, physical humor and sight gags there is plenty of fun for someone looking for something mindless and entertaining. Just don't expect to be too deep.

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  • Noel Fielding
  • Marc Wootton
  • Ellie White
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