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tvseriesTV-MAOctober 6, 2023
Winston Scott is roped into a world of assassins and must make things right after his brother's attack on the Continental hotel.
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Don't get me wrong anything related to the greatest action franchise of our time catches my interest. Unfortunately, my fears after the trailer was released came true when I watched the first episode of the series. From everything involved with the storylines, the actors, the actual action just seems way more watered down and forced just to stretch out the franchise. What I really didn't understand is the lack of Mel Gibson, even though he is billed as one of the top actors, he's not in the first episode very much . A lot of the other actors feel very amateur, and there for the sake of variety. As for the action itself, it's the one thing that holds the series together because there are some pretty great visuals for a streaming series. Overall, maybe the rest of the series will prove me wrong, but I wasn't too struck by the first episode..

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  • Mel Gibson
  • Colin Woodell
  • Mishel Prada
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