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tvseriesTV-MANovember 17, 2023
An alleged curse disturbs the relationship of a newly married couple as they try to conceive a child while co-starring on their problematic new HGTV show.
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Ok so, I wanna prephrase this by saying I'm a huge Nathan fan. I think most of his work is really great. I didn't know about this show up until 1h ago and I've just finished watching the first episode, the only one that came out as of this writing. My overwelming feeling is that it would work better as a feature film, but I might be wrong, depending on how the story develops. I think the core of the story is solid, a vlogger like couple of entrepreneurs trying to disguise property development and speculation as a sort of social enterprise. It is essencially a story about hypocrisy and the explotation inherent to reality tv. Having said that, the core concept is stretched thin in the 1h long pilot. I think it could lose 15mins of running time without losing any meat at all. Besides having real slow burner moments that add little to nothing to the story, the weird sound track and some weird cinematographic choices (both of which i enjoyed), make me believe that most people won't give this series a second chance. I would even dare to say that a significant part of the ones who watch it without being an Emma or Nathan's fan, will probably not watch the pilot til the end. Which is a shame, because i do believe that the series might turn out good. I just think they shot themselves in the foot a little bit, mainly due to editting. I think people are accustomed to "weird" by now, but i do believe most people will find this one boring.

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  • Nathan Fielder
  • Benny Safdie
  • Emma Stone
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