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movieAugust 26, 2023
Two sisters go diving at a beautiful, remote location. One of the sisters is struck by a rock, leaving her trapped 28 meters below. With dangerously low levels of oxygen and cold temperatures, it is up to her sister to fight for her life.
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1h 31min
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I wasn't sure if I'd go and see this movie, then it turned up on a surprise Scream Unseen screening. It clearly centres around one of the sisters trapped underwater and having diminishing oxygen. I was unsure they could keep up the suspense for one and a half hours but they did. Now the script could be better but the scenes where the two sisters interacted when things where getting desperate I thought were well done. Now there is a suggestion that the audience moaned during some of the dialogue and its unclear if the reviews done on the same date or next day, like this one, were from the same screening but they might have been. I'm sure the dialogue could have been better but it is still a watchable film. There is a back story which I won't spoil for you but I think this is not as explored as much as it should be. We could have had the sisters redemption and reconciliation and to some extent we did but it could have been better. So my conclusion is - it's not a horror story. It is a suspense story. They did fairly well and it's not perfect but I would recommend it.

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  • Louisa Krause
  • Sophie Lowe
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