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tvseriesNovember 29, 2023
Iris, an aspiring artist who works in a doll-making shop, and Silas, a reclusive collector, meet by chance in London's Hyde Park during the construction of The Great Exhibition of 1851. This chance encounter is the start of Silas' increasingly dark obsession with Iris.
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Set in Victorian London, this english speaking piece colourfully depicts the period full of both Dicken's like characters to the hopes and dreams of it royals. The plans to costruct the crystal palace are on display and various characters compete for the rights to exhibit. This is entertwined into our visually remarkable show. After watching two of the series, the line between the classes has not been defined and the posh accents mingle with the commons with far too much ease. The story is explained as twin sisters, one ravished with rements of small pox, the other untarnished, and their struggles in a shop that macabrely recreates look a like dolls to reflect the customers children, dead or alive. One of the sisters has the ambition to reach greater heights and this is where the plot abandons me. You are left wondering why the title would not be related to the plot, or why the characters seem aimless and drifting through life? Is this a drama or a melodrama? Are we about to be inflicted with a hundred episoides that go no where? Personally I have surrended all interest after episode number two, however, perhaps others will find joy here?

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  • Éanna Hardwicke
  • Mirren Mack
  • George Webster
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