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moviePG-13December 15, 2023
Dan Morgan is many things: a devoted husband, a loving father, a celebrated car salesman. He's also a former assassin. And when his past catches up to his present, he's forced to take his unsuspecting family on a road trip unlike any other.
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I often find myself confusing him with Matt Damon, but in this case, we're talking about Mark Wahlberg, the actor from "Transformers." He takes on the lead role in the recently premiered action film "Family Plan" on Apple TV, portraying a former killer and agent. Adding a touch of diversity to the cast is Li Meiqi, an Asian actress who plays a significant supporting antagonist. Undoubtedly, she stands out as one of Hollywood's most stunning Asian female stars. While she's been cast in decorative roles before, her four-year stint in the TV series "Nikita," which started in 2010, has undoubtedly solidified her presence in the competitive realm of Hollywood. The narrative of "Family Plan" unfolds as a tale of a former special agent assassin who, after going off the grid and starting a family, finds himself pursued by a relentless organization. The only option left is to go on the run with his entire family. Despite its straightforward plot with minimal twists and humor, the film has managed to earn a commendable 7.2 rating on IMDb, based on 71 audience reviews. Taking a closer look, the movie appears to draw inspiration from "True Lies," a factor that might resonate with fans of Schwarzenegger's earlier works. However, beyond this familiarity, the film boasts commendable action sequences, and its overall narrative pace is expertly handled, preventing it from succumbing to dullness. The increasing inclusion of new Asian faces in Hollywood productions is a noteworthy trend. These aren't the stereotypical portrayals but refreshing talents like Li Meiqi and Daniel Wu. With the burgeoning influence of the film and entertainment culture from emerging Asian nations, particularly South Korea, Hollywood must address and dismantle its antiquated stereotypes, especially those depicting Asians with big faces and squinty eyes. In a nutshell, "Family Plan" stands as a worthwhile addition to the action movie genre. However, it's worth noting that the film crew might have exercised a bit too much frugality in their use of ketchup, metaphorically speaking. This nuanced observation adds an element of critique without overshadowing the overall positive appraisal of the movie.

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