The Feeling That The Time For Doing Something Has Passed 2023 720p WEB-DL x264

movieMay 29, 2024
An emotionally detached young Brooklynite drifts through unremarkable days and nights. Neither her on-again-off-again BDSM relationship with a mildly disinterested older dom, nor her nondescript corporate job, appear to bring her any satisfaction, and her relationship with her unpleasable New Yorker parents only compounds the tiresome cycle of her routine.
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I was struck with the idea of this film from the moment I saw the ads for it via the Florida Film Festival. I was drawn in by the deadpanned comedic chemistry that was equal parts candid as it was daring. Joanna Arnow (the powerhouse whom wrote, directed, and starred in this film) pulls off all blinders to the core themes of this film: sexuality, emotional pining, complacency, honest candor, and a feeling that can only be truly described with the film's apt title. From beginning to end, we explore only as much of our protagonist Ana's psyche that she allows us to see. Guarded, yet open, her interactions with those around her paint a portrait of indecision and a trajectory of her life that is in one way ambiguous, but also free. The comedic stylings are delivered in a way that isn't over the top, relying of smart dryness and offbeat humor - a refreshing element to a story like this. At this film's core, we are given a person to observe, and not necessary one do applaud or boo. Her choices, relationships, and actions happen in a way that we can empathize with, even if her character who is one in no need of it. Even so, with this film's gut-punch conclusion, you find yourself deciding what you want for her. This is a stark reminder that we are not meant to predict or encourage any of her behaviors and hope for any specific outcome, and that what transpired in this story is deeply personal but inevitable and fated. I don't think I've seen a film like this one, and I don't think I ever will again. It's hard to accurately describe the emotions I felt during this film. It is expertly crafted and full of the quiet vigor of a story begging to be absorbed and understood completely.

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  • Scott Cohen
  • Babak Tafti
  • Joanna Arnow
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