The Friendship Game 2022 480p BluRay x264

movieFebruary 10, 2023
A group of teens in a small town come across a strange object that tests their loyalties to each other with increasingly destructive consequences the deeper into the game they go.
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1h 27min
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So if you've seen the cover you've seen the best this film has to offer. It claims to be Sci-Fi, it's supernatural. The 'Device' certainly isn't technology.. damned thin thread to it if so, and mystical, back to the supernatural argument again. The only tech in the film is modern computing, camera and mobile devices that attempt to tie into the plot, again by some supernatural means. I really don't see how this film came to be. My best guess is that the prop' was designed for an entirely different script which was probably much worse than this in the horror genre, and they tried to salvage something that looked cool and cobbled a story around it with one barely acceptable actor among the whole cast. More looks than talent there too, that might be half the writer's fault. There was not much cohesion to pull 'feeling' out the script.. direction... production. Ok this is a stinker of a film. Forcing me to write 650 characters to say that; shame on you IMDB.

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  • Peyton List
  • Brendan Meyer
  • Kelcey Mawema
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