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tvseriesTV-PGJuly 26, 2023
When Frank and Joe Hardy arrive in Bridgeport, they set out to uncover the truth behind the recent tragedy that has changed their lives. In doing so, they stumble upon something much more sinister - something only the Hardy Boys can stop.
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So far I am enjoying the show but there are a few issues with the 80's set dressing that needs to be corrected. The story takes place in the 80's but there are pieces of technology in the set design that break the illusion. In episode 1, the boys and their dad move to their aunts home in Bridgeport. The TV in her living room is an early 2000's Samsung Dynaflat CRT TV. In her attic there's a early 2000's VHS-C camcorder in the background of one of the shots. Also in the attic the boys use an RCA VR546, silver, center loading VCR from 2002 to watch some old home videos. All CRT TV's from that era have a very distinctive bump in the front and flat CRT's didn't arrive until the early 2000's. All VCR's from the 80's (if front loading and not top loading) always loaded from the left side of the VCR and not the center. A simple google search by whoever is doing the set dressing could help them avoid these mistakes. Overall if you can overlook these and some other errors the show is entertaining.

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  • Rohan Campbell
  • Alexander Elliot
  • Keana Lyn Bastidas
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