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moviePGSeptember 23, 2023
The story of Rickey Hill, who overcomes his physical disability and repairs his relationship with his father in a quest to become a major league baseball (MLB) player.
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2h 6min
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We watched The Hill this weekend and we were amazed by how emotionally engaging it was. The older gentleman next to us was crying at different moments during the film. It was really impactful. The ending was strong and satisfying. We would recommend The Hill to all our friends. The details in the costumes, locations and decor were all well done. It was a beautiful period film with an enormous heart. We hope that audiences will come out to see this wonderful story of a young man, his dreams of baseball and his preacher father who didn't understand. We believe that word of mouth will spread and The Hill will be a big hit. You can tell that the filmmakers put a lot of love into this movie. All you can ask is that audiences sit back and take it in. Well done!

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  • Colin Ford
  • Dennis Quaid
  • Joelle Carter
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