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tvseriesTV-14November 1, 2023
Alec Mercer is a world-renowned professor of behavioral psychology with a unique insight into human nature who lends his expertise to an array of high-stakes cases involving governments, corporations and law enforcement. However, he meets his match in a female domestic terror suspect who turns his world upside down.
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It's predictable, simple and somewhat interesting. The expected jokes and one liners about cops and murder cases done in a light and cheery atmosphere perfectly suited for a television audience. The characters and actors are generally competent in portraying the subject matter and the baddies are of the usual made for tv genre. This is the show that could go on for 2-3 seasons, letting out tidbits every now and then in order to solve an underlying case involving the main character. Overall it's just an average show, with no shocking or big reveals. It is not serious enough of a cop show to hold my interest and this reminds me of the series Unforgettable with a woman and a her photographic memory. The interesting bits just are not enough to carry the entire show. 5/10 as there is little else to go on besides the main character and his story. A one and done for me. Please don't mention Dan Ariely in your reviews about subjects involving psychology. He is a confirmed fraud, multiple times, with none of his experiments being repeatable. I was a fan; but who knew that in order to have counterintuitive experiment results you had to fudge all the data????

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  • Jesse L. Martin
  • Maahra Hill
  • Travina Springer
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