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tvseriesTV-MAMarch 23, 2023
After his running mate's murder, a controversial televangelist becomes Argentina's presidential candidate. But nothing about him is as holy as he seems.
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It is very hard to write an objetive opinion considering the plot, but I will try. This show was increidible well produced: superb cast, very well filmed, and even the script. If you could judge the show on that basis, it is top material. Now... the story is way too stereotyped and does not reflect, AT ALL, the political reality of the country, or even the political partys the show is representing. It is a too obvious propaganda, a very flat way to represent the political complexity of religion and politics. Too simplistic, too exagereted and clearly the story was tell in a way to be satifying to a very narrow-minded audience. Sometimes even I found myself, being pollitically against those religious-pollitical movements, stunished because of the incredible bias included in the story. A very old fashioned way to represent "evil". Once again, it is very easy to watch which is something not good at all in a political show, which I think should raise a few questions in our minds. This is just a show to justify tje political believes of some.

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  • Chino Darín
  • Nancy Dupláa
  • Joaquín Furriel
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