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movieRFebruary 5, 2024
Izi's close to escaping The Kitchen, one of London's last remaining housing estates. But when young Benji enters his life, he faces some hard decisions.
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1h 47min
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The Kitchen had so much potential with it's premise but ultimately falls victim to a slow moving script and frustrating story. The film depicts a bleak dystopian futurist society in 2044 London where people are seperated by wealth gaps. The pros of this film are the visuals/cinematography and performances. The Kitchen can't make up it's mind what type of story it wants to be which will cause confusion by the viewer. During it's short run time I felt like this movie was over 2 hours long but was only a little over one hour 30 minutes. The ending is also very unsatisfying and leaves up to interpretation. I was interested within the first 5 minutes of the movie but it quickly derails. The Kitchen gets 5 stars out of 10 from me.

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  • Kano
  • Jedaiah Bannerman
  • Hope Ikpoku Jnr
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