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tvseriesTV-MAAugust 3, 2023
Sidelined after an accident, hotshot Los Angeles lawyer Mickey Haller restarts his career - and his trademark Lincoln - when he takes on a murder case.
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It has the same kind of humour, sassy characters, good strong leads and well produced, directed well, good pacing and other than the obvious differences lawyer vs jury consultant, and the rather shamefull product placement of lincoln cars, and cisco's husky voice might get annoying cos it seems forced this is a much watch for fans of legal drama's. The plot seems to be one large case with interconnected stories and events and a side plot of his ex wives which i'm only basing on season 1. With out spoiling the finale and the main case, there are clues sprinkled around each episode, some are well hidden others blink and you'll miss them, untill it's explained you might have an idea or feel a bit dumb for not seeing it all ! Small nit pick The car scenes might require some suspension of disbelief with how staged they are, for example the rotating blurred back drop repeating and having perfect never changing lighting and perfect audio even with the ' windows' down. Don't reallt understand the low scores other than some people are trying way to hard to be edgy or are from rival productions or trolls with nothing better to do. Bottom line - is it the best show ever ? Pretty close imo and the flaws are minimal.

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  • Manuel Garcia-Rulfo
  • Becki Newton
  • Angus Sampson
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