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moviePGApril 30, 2024
In a segregated Texas, five Mexican-American teenage caddies were prohibited from playing at the country club where they worked. Against all odds, they formed their own team, built a one-hole course in the fields, and won the 1957 Texas State championship. Based on a true story.
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I had no idea what this movie was until after I left the theatre. I don't think, or don't remember the title popping up so it was the most mysterious Monday mystery movie ever lol. I looked up Dennis Quaid after. The movie's alright, very predictable sports-underdog storyline and touching on expected racial and cultural themes from its time period setting. The characters were very typical which made their actions predictable. You always know how the story's gonna end up. Visually it was pretty vibrant and colorful. The movies down to earth and lighthearted, though only mildly heartwarming. Centered around golf, a sport that never piqued my interest despite my dad's attempts, the movie still managed to entertain me, largely due to its comedic relief, this mostly came from the sarcastic groundskeeper character. Other than that the movie doesn't reinvent the wheel and is just another underdog sports story. While it's not necessarily bad, it lacks much distinctiveness to make it feel special, doesn't have as much character depth as other movies, and high stakes. A recent underdog story that was more memorable for me was "the boys in the boat" and it kept crossing my mind. In that movie you get to know the characters a lot, while this was played it safe. Leaves a lot unexplored and to be desired. It's also not peaky, it doesn't build up to the big game so the climax feels pretty non-existent. Movie was just meh and left me feeling pretty indifferent.

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  • Jay Hernandez
  • Julian Works
  • Jaina Lee Ortiz
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