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movieNot RatedJuly 24, 2020
Film about the lead up to the Polish uprising against German occupation at the end of the Second World War.
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Other reviews of this film have been pretty negative but I was surprised how good it was. In the vain of "Max Manus" and "The Black Book" two great war films about the resistance "The Resistance Fighter" is actually about a Polish soldier sent back to Poland from England to deliver messages to the Polish Home Army. The germans are slowly retreating from Poland while the russians are advancing on Poland from the east. I really liked the main character Lt. Jan Nowak-Jezioranski who is the courier sent back to Poland while trying to evade getting captured or killed by the germans. I thought the dialogue and subtitles were well done in this film and the plot moves swiftly as the Lt. is pursued by a german spy who wishes to make contact with the underground and convince them the invading russians are their real enemy. Lt. Jan is tough and capable and the action scenes are well done here. Their is a sad history lesson at the end of this film that some reviewers have said shouldn't be discussed anymore but I disagree. I had low expectations of this film going in but was very pleasantly surprised and glad I purchased it on Amazon.

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  • Philippe Tlokinski
  • Julie Engelbrecht
  • Bradley James
  • Martin Butzke
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