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movieAugust 23, 2023
When Helen's husband unexpectedly asks for a separation just after they've dropped off their daughter at college, she struggles to navigate her new-found single status. Thanks to a stray dog who enters her life and the friendship of a helpful veterinarian, Helen rediscovers her strength and begins to forge a new path.
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I wanted to like this movie because the dog is so cute. Unfortunately the main character Helen is so annoying that I wanted something really bad to happen so she would stop being so bloody perky and show some authentic emotions. She giggles in almost every scene! Even after hearing that the dog's owner had been found. She doesn't seem to have any emotional intelligence..she is surprised by her husband leaving, that the new boyfriend had 'feelings' for her, that her daughter might have been over mothered! The characters also seem to be thrown in and stereotypical rather than developed. The mother is intrusive , the new friend a bit 'out there', and the new boyfriend terribly supportive. And speaking of dogs, they are not 'pack' animals...the training advice was so 1990s. They really could have used the opportunity to promote force free training techniques and best practices like microchipping.

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  • Rachel Boston
  • Lynda Boyd
  • Andrea Brooks
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