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tvseries18August 10, 2019
Pinku (the Japanese softcore film sub-genre) has a long and historied part in Japanese cinema. The genre has existed for over forty years and seen many ebbs and flows. One of the directors during the heyday of the movement was the prolific Muranishi Toru. Adpated from a novel about the man, The Naked Director depicts the character, his art, vision and his interactions with the approving and disapproving folk around him.
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After Henry Ford with his Ford T in the automotive sector, after Ray Kroc for the MacDo franchises in the fast food sector, here is the story of Toru Muranishi who developed porn business across the Japanese archipelago. Or how a poor lover and a pathetic door-to-door salesman became an emotion-less businessman in the Japanese porn, thanks to the bini-bon, the ura-bon and then the video. He was an innovative entrepreneur and the well-known director of a Japanese company massively producing adult videos. He was even nicknamed « the dirtiest of the industry's dirty old men ». As a synthesis, this series is really enjoyable. PS: the recurrent extracts of the song 'The passenger' from Iggy Pop and interpreted by Siouxsie and the Banshees are in perfect adequacy with this series: « I am the passenger, And I ride and I ride, I ride through the city's backside. »

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  • Takayuki Yamada
  • Shinnosuke Mitsushima
  • Misato Morita
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