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tvseriesTV-PGApril 24, 2024
The nicest guy in the Midwest moves his family into a tough neighborhood in Los Angeles where not everyone appreciates his extreme neighborliness. That includes their new next-door neighbor Calvin.
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I'm curious how some of these reviewers expect this show's writers and producers to establish the plot and pave the way for character development without Calvin initially cracking "white jokes" and vocalizing white stereotypes. This show is about a white family moving to a black neighborhood, mind you an all black neighborhood that was once an all white neighborhood before black people moved in. But if you give it a chance, Calvin changes. I think this show has its heart in the right place. We can act like racism no longer exists, but we are just fooling ourselves, and I appreciate that this show is coming from a different perspective, and appears to be trying to help us all connect as human beings regardless of race. In my opinion, The Neighborhood is a show that America needs right now. If it helps open even one pair of eyes from the darkness of racism, it is well worth it.

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  • Cedric The Entertainer
  • Max Greenfield
  • Sheaun McKinney
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