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movieRJanuary 12, 2024
An ex-CIA operative is thrown back into a dangerous world when a mysterious woman from his past resurfaces. Now exposed and targeted by a relentless killer and a rogue black ops program, he must rely on skills he thought he left behind in a high-stakes game of survival.
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1h 40min
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I'm betting that is either friends and family or a bunch of fake accounts. This movie is, to say the very least, nothing special. The acting is mediocre, the script is mediocre, and basically a rehash of maybe 10.000+ other scripts just like it. The only thing they did was change the names, some locations etc. But, come on... I don't know what's worse, that movies like this get funding and get made, or that there is absolutely zero original thought going into the concept. I have to do another 100 plus characters to finish this off, so I will simply repeat... this movie is just a rehash of any number of similar movies. It could easily have been summed up with: Trite, repetitive, unoriginal etc.

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  • Charlie Weber
  • Marie Avgeropoulos
  • Madison Bailey
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