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movieMarch 7, 2024
The origin story of the masked vigilante, Nemesis Knight. A new breed of superhero for a changing world. From young feral orphan to deadly crusader, balancing the equilibrium between good and evil. She wears the Mask of Dionysus, given to her as a gift by The God of The Underworld, Hades as she rides her black horse named Zeus, armed with her trusted rifle and sidearm strapped to her leg, ferociously sending criminals to the other side!
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Pretty much a slasher/Devil worship flick, second rate acting, plot, effects are not the greatest, lots of killing, a bit of gore, sexual connotations, a few bad words, costumes remind me of a 1950's sci-fi that was really bad. If you enjoy wasting your time as I did watching this then go for it. I think it could have been a lot better with better dialog, costumes effects and story. But oh well they just didn't make it there. There should be a rule that materials, actors and time should not be wasted unless the story is at least worth reading in a novel. I guess some movies get made up on the spot. Enjoy at your own risk...

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  • Dean Cain
  • Steven Berkoff
  • Jenny Miller
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