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movieApril 6, 2023
Paul Carpenter is an intern at a mysterious London firm with unconventional employers, including a CEO who wants to disrupt the ancient magical world with modern corporate practices.
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My Review - The Portable Door In Cinemas now Streaming on Stan April 2 My Rating. 1/ 10 I'm sorry this movie lost me completely I wanted to score it a zero but IMBD ratings start at one . I can't even rate the performances higher which is unusual but for me it was like the actors were in a bad school play. I really honestly didn't get a moments entertainment from this confusing mish mash of a movie described as a Fantasy . The plot I can't really describe as I just didn't get it so I'll just say it has something to do with a mysterious London firm and it's bizarre CEO and equally bizarre employees, one who has a romantic relationship with a stapler and has a kinky passion for office supplies. Two young recruits Paul and Sophie attempt to find The Portable Door to where I have no idea ? The CEO Christof Waltz and Office Manager Dennis played by Sam Neil who is also an ugly goblin are disrupting the world of magic. There is no magic in this movie ,it's dark ,dreary and just plain boring . The. Jim Henson Company and Story Bridge Films began developing this film in February 2020 . The ugly puppetry ,especially the goblins doesn't add anything to the movie except drag it down it just lacks life. It's odd to me that the Director of Modern Family couldn't inject some humour into this Portable Door to nowhere ? We both came out of the Cinema and said in unison What the F was that all about ? Movie scenes are usually shot out of sequence so the actors may have thought the material they were working with would make sense in the Final Cut? The Portable Door is a screen adaptation of the first book in Tom Holt's J. W. Well's & Co series and as far as I'm concerned let it end there as far as movies go I just hope the books better An impressive cast in my opinion can't save a movie this bad . Even if it includes Sam Neil as Dennis Tanner in a part that Guy Pearce turned down, Christoph Waltz cast as Humphrey Wells and Miranda Otto as Countess Judy. The young couple Paul and Sophie are played by Patrick Gibson who wears far too much lipstick and Sophie Wilde who's soul has been stolen and just seems confused through the movie ,perhaps she's wondering why Paul is wearing lipstick. The movie was filmed on The Gold Coast Queensland so I hope the entire production crew and cast had a nice holiday.

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