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tvseriesSeptember 29, 2022
Simone Clark is the oldest rookie in the FBI.
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Some spinoffs are great and work the formula well. This show is not one of these. You suspend belief in the parent show The Rookie as there is generally good chemistry between the actors and episodes are entertaining (if a bit shmaltzy). This however has no redeeming features. The whole 'plucky' premise is just sooooo bad. The acting is poor, the characters are unbelievable. Completely and utterly unbelievable. The crossover episode to introduce the Feds lead character was painful to watch. Had hoped the reaction to that would have driven change but nope. It's not dry heaving bad but you can feel the pressure building and the stomach acid a-churning.

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  • Niecy Nash
  • James Lesure
  • Britt Robertson
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