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movieJuly 4, 2024
'Monster Cop' Ma Seok-do investigates an illegal online gambling business led by a former STS Baek and an IT genius CEO Chang. Ma proposes an unexpected alliance to Jang and begins hunting down the criminals.
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1h 49min
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Those of you who have watched the three previous The Roundup films will surely be familiar with the formula of this film series, namely detective Ma Seok-do and his team are faced with a criminal case that they must investigate in depth. For his latest film, namely The Roundup: Punishment, Seok-do and his team now have to deal with an online gambling syndicate which also causes several horrific murder incidents. What clearly differentiates Punishment from the previous film The Roundup is that Seok-do and his team now have to face cyber crimes that they have never investigated before. Seok-do and his team's ignorance about cybercrime is clearly an important point in the comedy elements of this film. Plus, Seok-do has to work with ridiculous thugs to carry out his mission. As an action film starring Ma Dong-seok, you certainly don't need to doubt the action presented in Punishment. You can see Ma Dong-seok's boxing and slamming action, which without hesitation kills the criminals, so the action feels satisfying. Apart from that, the villain in this film also has a quite cruel character, where he kills his targets very cruelly. The display of blood adds to the intensity of the action in this film.

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  • Lee Beom-su
  • Derek Chouinard
  • Lee Dong-hwi
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