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moviePGJune 10, 2023
Verity and Peter's trip to the old family mansion takes a turn when the floor of their room suddenly gives way and they fall into an underground chamber where they are met by a civilization of creatures. The leader tells them that Peter's arrival was foretold as he's the one who can use Great Clock of the Citadel to restart time and destroy the Shroud, a malevolent creature who feeds on fear itself...
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1h 38min
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Hello viewers, what are you thinking? Is it worth watching? Let me tell you something first, if you got nothing to watch then It's worth watching but if you have other options you can skip it. Kids & teenager may like it. I was hopeful about 'The Secret Kingdom' from an user review where she applauded it. In the very beginning I saw a family moved to a new domicile because of money problem & they lost their house to the bank. So new home showed another world below in there they story will reveal itself. A teenager boy was the protagonist of this movie, to be honest his acting wasn't good. He missed proper expression, then come the visual effect: visual effect wasn't that good. Only thing that grabbed my attention was the character of Verity (a nine years old girl) she was so energetic & dialogue delivery was praiseworthy. All other things fall apart, as a fantasy adventure teenage movie you can try 'city of Amber' or 'the bridge of terrabithia' Well, I am not impressed with The Secret Kingdom. I will give it 4/10.

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  • Alyla Browne
  • Alice Parkinson
  • Sam Everingham
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