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movieAugust 30, 2023
28-year-old Anja Grimm takes up an internship in the part of the Bavarian Forest where her father had disappeared when she was eight years old. Her attempts to find out what happened to her father are met with reserve and hostility from the local villagers, and she slowly starts to discover something terrible.
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1h 40min
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I could say I liked everything about the production part, starting from the atmosphere, the scene, the place where the movie took place, it all looked beautiful and yet dark, and mysterious at the same time. I have to mention the actors, which all did a great job too, nobody felt out of place, except for the main antagonist, maybe, but that could be just my own preference, as I would've seen him grimmer and shadier for the purpose of the movie. And of course, the main thing about the movie - the story. It's a movie about a buried past, but not the exact past that you would expect in a usual thriller about murder. This one is massive, concerning on a global scale and serves a good reminder that monsters live among us. The ending makes the movie great. Don't want to spoil it, so won't be going into details, but I loved how it was realistic and thoughtful. You know, lies constantly require more lies to keep them floating, and people will never stop getting hurt until these lies stop. Thanks for a good movie!

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  • Henriette Confurius
  • Robert Stadlober
  • August Zirner
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