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movieJuly 6, 2024
When Lindsay gets the chance to sign up to the notoriously exclusive dating service Eternity, she clashes with Will, her first date. They mutually agree this dating service has been a complete bust and make a deal to get their money back. However, when they turn up at the door, they find all the furniture gone, Eternity nowhere to be found and make a pact to find out the truth - they've been conned! Or have they...?
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1h 26min
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This story was the same as other love stories but with a twist. A twist of date I guess you could say. The storyline was enjoyable and kept me watching instead of picking up my phone or pausing to go do something my mind remembered. I was completely into it from start to finish. I'm a sucker for the cookie cutter Hallmark kinda love story but a lot of times will get distracted. In this you see each person and know how things will come together but the cast make it fun while having chemistry that a lot of dramatic love stories love have. I had to come into IMBD to check out the cast and see what else they are on.

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  • Alexandra Harris
  • Jonathan Stoddard
  • Nicole Acosta
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