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tvseriesApril 21, 2024
The coming-of-age story of the Grace Family, as they move from New York to Michigan and into their family's ancestral home. Upon arrival, the family not only uncovers mysteries hidden inside their great grandfather's Spiderwick Estate, but also discovers a secret, fantastical world around them.
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Just finished reading the books with my kids. We were so excited for this series. Unfortunately, we couldn't make it through the first episode. Completely different characters/ personalities and storyline. Even my 7 year old was frustrated with it. Not only did they make unnecessary changes, but they also shoehorned in political interjections that added nothing to the narrative. It felt forced and out of place, turning what should have been a fun and innocent story into a platform for their own agenda. Overall, I would not recommend this movie to fans of the books. It's a disrespectful adaptation that fails to capture the magic of the original stories.

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  • Lyon Daniels
  • Joy Bryant
  • Noah Cottrell
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