The Survivalist 2021 1080p BluRay DD5.1 x264

movieRJune 22, 2024
A year and a half after the fall of civilization from a virus outbreak, a former FBI agent is forced to protect a young woman, who is immune to the disease, from a dangerous gang hunting her led by a psychopath who believes he's going to use her to save the world.
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1h 31min
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It's day 592 of Covid-19 Delta and the world has collapsed. Uninfected people were rounded up in camps which ended in disaster. The cities are devastated and bands of pirates are headed out into the country. Aaron (John Malkovich) leads one group searching for a young woman assumed to be immune. She finds a protector in Ben (Jonathan Rhys Meyers). This is a low budget affair. Somebody found a location with a few buildings. They slap-dashed some stuff. Worst still, they slap-dashed a script. The biggest mistake is using the real world situation. They need to use a fictional virus so that they can create a fictional world. It's more than the worlds not matching. They can't possibly get the science right. They need a fictional virus to create movie-logic of their own. The directing is pretty bad. There are a few good actors here who probably had projects canceled on them and needed the work during the pandemic. Malkovich is trying his best but the camera work is bad. It's all pretty bad except for the professional actors working.

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  • Jonathan Rhys Meyers
  • John Malkovich
  • Ruby Modine
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