The Swing of Things 2020 720p BluRay x264

movieRJuly 9, 2020
Bad weather diverts Tom and Laura Jane from their Bahamas dream wedding. So, with friends, parents, and Laura's protective big brother, they land at a mystery hotel in Jamaica-which turns out to be a swinger's resort! Can the innocent couple avoid the nonstop booze, weed, naked bodies, and lusty dolphins long enough to make it to the altar?
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1h 33min
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I've never been so critical of movies. This was an absolute disgusting waste of time.... I feel ashamed I wasted money on the premise this was entertainment the director needs to hang up his hat and walk away from this industry with shame. I don't feel the actors are bad, the directing and overall feel of movie is awful...

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Cast Overview
  • Chord Overstreet
  • Olivia Culpo
  • Luke Wilson
  • Aleksander Vayshelboym
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