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tvseriesTV-MAMay 6, 2024
An espionage thriller and cross-culture satire about the struggles of a half-French, half-Vietnamese communist spy during the final days of the Vietnam War and his resulting exile in the United States.
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The problem with this mini-series is the novel author and the movie director don't have a "cultural advisor", which is easily available among 1 million South Vietnamese middle-age/senior immigrants in the US, therefore, it has so many non-factual details. We should not blame the author Viet Thanh Nguyen, because when Saigon fell to North Vietnamese troops on 30/4/1975, he was a just a little boy, he knew nothing. But for the movie director, there is no excuse. Park Chan- Wook just did not do his homework well enough. 1-The uniform of South Vietnamese Police in 1975. In reality , it was a white shirt with grey pants. It the movie, it is cream colored shirt and pants. 2-It is so ridiculous to have the Police General to ride a motorcycle to lead the escape bus. One day before the fall of Saigon, the city already had communist guerillas on the streets, the General in no way put on such a show to attract people's attention and to risk his life from communist snipers. 3-South Vietnamese soldiers only took off their uniforms on the day Saigon fell and General Duong Van Minh ordered South Vietnamese army to surrender. That day was 30/4/1975. But the movie shows the escape bus ran through the streets littered with South Vietnamese army uniforms one day before Saigon fell (29/4/1975). 4-The wrong Vietnamese terms used by Captain Hoa Xuande. Because North Vietnam and South Vietnam were divided for 20 years (1954-1975), the two Vietnams use different dialects and different terms. For example, the movie let the Captain say "dieu xe" (bring the car) but this is a North Vietnamese dialect. South Vietnamese say "mang xe" or "dem xe". Another example, the movie let the Captain say "tu này" (this term) but South Vietnamese say "chu này".

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