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movieAugust 5, 2023
D'Artagnan, a spirited young Gascon, is left for dead after trying to save a noblewoman from being kidnapped. Once in Paris, he tries by all means to find his attackers, unaware that his quest will lead him to the very heart of a war where the future of France is at stake. Aided by King's Musketeers Athos, Porthos and Aramis, he faces the machinations of villainous Cardinal Richelieu and Milady de Winter, while falling in love with Constance, the Queen's confidante.
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I heard about this movie approximatively one year ago. I wasn't sure of what I could expect from this one after so many others but the perspective of a french one who would be more respectful to Dumas spirit in his book was quite interesting for me. The promotion for the movie was interesting and quickly a little excitation appears at the approche of the release. And now then ? This movie is the best surprise I had on theater since the beginning of the year. The casting is brilliant. Eva Green is magnificent in Milady, the best one I have seen in this character for sure. Vincent Cassel as Athos a musketeer tortured by his past is really really good. Romain Duris as Aramis found perfectly the spirit of his character with this duality between faith and duty and also his charming side with the seduction of all the ladies. Pio Marmaï show very well the enjoyment of life of Portos who like food, party... François Civil is exceptionnal as D'Artagnan. He has all the passion, naivety and pride necessary to play him. Louis Garrel as Louis 13 is simply brilliant with all the stupidity and also strength he give to him. Louis 13 can also saying the most stupid thing but you will always feel that he is the king. One of the best interpetation of the movie. Vicky Krieps is good as always in Queen. Jacob Fortune-Lloyd is really good too as Buckingham. Lyna Khoudri is beautiful as Constance in her romance with D'Artagnan. Eric Ruff in Cardinal Richelieu has an incredible charisma. The movie follow very well the book in some parts and create some storyline in the other side. The fan of the book can be happy for seeing a global script really faithful to the book and also discovering some new parts who are really good (the church scene is one of the best)! The action scene are incredible. They are all in a single shot and with steadicam and drone what is really immersive. They shoot the movie in natural places and many castle in France and the results is fantastic. The costumes are wonderfull as well with a western touch really pleasant. The music of Guillaume Roussel (who learn with Hans zimmer himself) feat very well. Go see this movie you will not be disappointed the second part come on screen the 13 december 2023 ! The Writers of the movie are working on a french adaptation of the Comte De Montecristo with french actor Pierre Niney and I can't wait to see this one after their work on this movie !

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