The Three Musketeers Part II Milady 2023 FRENCH REPACK 1080p BluRay DD5.1 x264

movieApril 30, 2024
D'Artagnan, on a quest to rescue the abducted Constance, runs into the mysterious Milady de Winter again. The tension between the Catholics and the Protestants finally escalates, as the king declares war - forcing the now four musketeers into battle. But as the war goes on, they are tested physically, mentally and emotionally.
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1h 55min
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Plenty of positives including an exceptional cast (with the exception of Constance), the cinematography was mostly good (a few scenes a little too dark) , most of the scenes were well paced and costumes looked authentic. However, the story seemed a lot more disjointed than the first movie and it didnt seem like there was enough time for character building (maybe we get spoilt with the amount of time series have but with 3 movies it felt like more could have been achieved). The worst part however, was the sudden revelation of super female fighters able to compete if not better the supposed best male sword fighters in the country.... The story was frustrating enough that i feel the need to re read the book after 20 plus years as im sure i remember it being a lot more coherent than this movie !

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  • François Civil
  • Vincent Cassel
  • Romain Duris
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