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tvseriesTV-GJune 24, 2020
Dwayne Johnson redefines the athletic competition, giving exceptional men and women from all walks of life the chance to test their physical strength and mental fortitude for the chance to battle on Mount Olympus in hopes of becoming a Titan.
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Straight to the point, here's what I didn't like about this show: 1) 4 announcers, why? Dwayne Johnson, Cari Champion, Liam McHugh & Alex Mendez. That's at least one too many, if not two. 2) DJ's lines are too cringy, and they get too repetitive as the episodes pile on. His motivational speeches right before every challenge look completely scripted and you never truly feel like he is connected with the competitors. I genuinely got the impression that Dwayne treated the show like any other job that he's part of, which is odd given that he's the creator of "The Titan Games" so I felt that the show deserved more from him. 3) You can easily tell from the competition's format that the creative team didn't really care about variety. The entire show consisted of the 6-7 challenges, which is very low considering that one of them is constant in every episode (Mount Olympus). 4) You can also easily tell that the creative team didn't really care about competitiveness, with some of the games being design to end within 2 minutes tops. I'm sure every game is challenging, but the show fails to convey that to the audience. 5) The competitors are being presented as average, when in reality all of them have rich athletic backgrounds that most certainly make them above average. 6) The backstories of each competitor take a lot of each episode's run time, maybe almost half of the episode if not more. This is outrageously long, and happens in every single episode. Why not shorten those segments and instead focus more on making the challenges longer and more challenging? This show proved to me once and for all that Dwayne Johnson's name sells pretty much anything. Many of us followed this show just because it had Dwayne's name attached to it, and it mattered very little if he created/produced the show or not. With that being said, once you do watch the episodes you'll notice that it's average (just like most of DJ's movies) and is far too repetitive for a season that is just 9 episodes long.

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