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tvseriesTV-MAOctober 15, 2023
Daryl washes ashore in France and struggles to piece together how he got there and why. The series tracks his journey across a broken but resilient France as he hopes to find a way back home. As he makes the journey, though, the connections he forms along the way complicate his ultimate plan.
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It's Walking Dead, exactly what we're expecting. I always said that I'd continue to watch until they killed Daryl off, he is the man. It does seem far fetched that he would be on top of a canoe the whole trip across the Atlantic, and not get eaten by some sort of sea creature. It'll be interesting to see how they explain his trip over. I love the people that complain about the show still going on, yet they take time to watch it and or write a long drawn out comment on why they are right. Nobody cares, if you don't like the show, nobody is forcing you to watch it and we definitely DON'T wabt your opinion on it.

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  • Melissa McBride
  • Norman Reedus
  • Laïka Blanc-Francard
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