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tvseriesTV-MAMarch 18, 2024
The love story of Rick Grimes and Michonne is changed by a changed world. Kept apart by distance. By an unstoppable power. Can they find each other and who they were in a situation unlike any they've ever known?
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...There is always hope. Its hard to watch when other favorites are not around but i hope these idiots tie it all together in the end. I cannot call them anything but idiots for ruining things...totally didn't care for Negan era, though i watched it till he came down, and the other 'baddies' so i just dipped out. Then i heard about the fork in the middle...Daryl--Mag&Neg--TheRick& that is where we are at. I like intimacy of handful of characters and not a whole city but let's see where we go...DO NOT MESS THIS UP. Of course the third-person perspective of Michonne and the Brave Man, lead me to believe we have a Legend type of thing maybe bieng set up for Rick. Whatever the case great to see Rick and my lady Michonne!

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  • Andrew Lincoln
  • Danai Gurira
  • John Martineau
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