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tvseriesTV-PGMarch 5, 2024
When three generations of women reunite after being estranged for more than two decades, they embark on an enlightening - and surprising - journey toward healing none of them could have imagined as they learn how to find their way back to each other.
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I honestly think The Way Home is the best Hallmark series I have seen and especially so in recent years. Hallmark has become more and more predictable. This particular series strays from that and it is truly refreshing. The ongoing mystery of the show and the cast makes for a full blown hit. I have looked forward to watching the show each week as well as to the upcoming 2nd season. First, the storyline is very entertaining as it really is a mystery of what has happened with The Landry Family and friends from past to present. Where will the infamous pond take Kat and/or her daughter Alice each week? Who is involved in all of the years, what happened and how? Is the brother/son still alive and if so in what time frame? The time switch of the same characters adds a true interest that is not often seen in other series. Seriously, the show really holds your attention! Also, the dynamics between the characters are very entertaining to watch. Elliot is by far my favorite with his quick wit, intelligence, sensitivity and very responsive facial expressions. I love him! He adds interest to the mostly troubled character of Kat. You look forward to seeing where their relationship may or may not go. Kat's daughter, Alice, and her mother, Del, do not disappoint with their storyline and their interactions with each other. Each week they seem to evolve more as the story continues. Thank you to the actors, writers and ALL who is involved in this interesting show. You have made a successful series, no doubt!

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  • Chyler Leigh
  • Evan Williams
  • Sadie Laflamme-Snow
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