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movieJuly 6, 2024
When a wealthy couple can't decide on a wedding theme, they hire two wedding planners, Taylor and Ben, to compete for the job by proposing two very different styles. As they compete for the lucrative gig, Taylor and Ben playfully sabotage each other's efforts but are growing closer together than either of them realise.
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1h 28min
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I like it the fight of Nikki McKentie for give a reasonable form to her character, very poor served by script. I like it the premise - a competition for wedding theme. I dislike the chaos resulted by a sort of chain of improvisations , like the lesbian subtheme who sounds unrealistic to awful. But the worst remains the romance between main characters and the reactions of characters. Difficult to define it as poor, it is only a chain of forced situations and, unfortunately , just nothing more. In rest, Giles Panton covered by a character who escapes to him because nothing can be reasonable in its traits. Especialy the try to copy old fashion rom coms.

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  • Nikki McKenzie
  • Giles Panton
  • Rami Kahlon
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