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tvseriesSeptember 17, 2023
In the fifth century, long before Britain was united, in a brutal land of warring factions and tribes where lives were often fleeting, Arthur Pendragon evolves from outcast to legendary warrior and leader.
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I loved the books. Yes, I know changes have to be made to adapt novels for the screen. However in this case, other than the names of the characters and places, there is almost nothing in common with the book it's loosely based on. About the show itself, the pacing feels off and the story doesn't flow, it feels "clunky". The dialog is clumsy, and often cringy. Even the costumes look cheap. It's just not very good, IMHO. The program's only saving grace is that the characters are ethnically very diverse. It is great to see that all people have representation in late 5th century Britain. That really helps save the show and bumps this gem from 2 stars to a solid 3.

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  • Iain De Caestecker
  • Stuart Campbell
  • Valene Kane
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