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tvseriesOctober 22, 2023
Bastard son Arthur returns to the land he's been banished from to find a kingdom in chaos. Seeking the aid of his oldest confidants, Arthur aims to right Britain's path as he faces the most unexpected of obstacles.
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It feels like they could have not tried harder to misrepresent the books. Arthur does not appear as a character right away in the books. Uther should be okd as hell, Merlin too, and politics is central to the story. Freaking start there, strong, like Game of Thrones does; thats the strength of the original plot. What in gods name are the writers doing, are they even fans of Arthurian literature? It doesnt feel like it. The books present to me as ready made for film adaptation, an adaptation that requires little in the way of dramatization for a series that requires at minimum three seasons. And they botch it, from the start. What a wasted opportunity. I cant imagine that Bernard Cornwell is happy with this.

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  • Iain De Caestecker
  • Stuart Campbell
  • Valene Kane
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