The World of Killing People 2003 DUAL 1080p WEB-DL x265

movieDecember 25, 2023
After not seeing each other for a long time, 5 teenage friends living in the city of Bangkok go on a vacation together, staying at a quiet resort isolated from the city. Things take a dark turn, when it's revealed each of them have hidden secrets and unbeknownst to the group, there is someone observing them.
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Some friends decide to have a reunion for some stupid reason then people with teddy bear heads start killing them. Night Of The Killer Bears is a silly Thailand slasher and, yes, it's a cliche reunion horror where people reunite, get killed off and a big twist happens which the revelation happens and, well..... We've been down this road a multitude of times with this $#!+. Killer Bears has annoying characters (English dubbing to blame.... Well, actually it may helped it more... I don't know) and the bear people look corny to a tee. But for fans of splatter, you'll be happy to know it is plentiful..... BUT some of it appears to be CGI. So.... That blows. They say it's Terrifier meets Ted. Now if you smoke enough crack and have the worse case of down syndrome, you might be able to see it like that. Sure, WHY NOT? Anyways, I had fun with it regardless of its flaws.

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  • Sananthachat Thanapatpisal
  • Patchata Jan-Ngern
  • Khemanit Jamikorn
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