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movieRDecember 5, 2023
An American family fulfills their dream of moving back to their roots after inheriting a remote cabin in the mountains of Norway. But there's a surprise waiting for them.
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1h 40min
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If you go into this film expecting a suspenseful and horrifying experience... You'll be really goddamn disspointed. If you instead approach this as a ridiculous and comedic experience with horror elements you'll probably have fun with it. Overall I think that this movie can serve as a good introduction to horror films for people that are new to the genre. There are horror elements and limited gorre but it's all wrapped in a comedic and festive package. The performances in the movie aren't perfect but they're okay for what this film is. It's not a masterpiece and doesn't require great acting. The movie is fine and I'll give it a rating of 4. The reason it isn't higher than that is because the first 30-40 minutes or so did drag a little. After that the movie doesn pick up some speed and becomes more enoyable.

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  • Amrita Acharia
  • Townes Bunner
  • Claire Dore
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